Portworx and HPE deliver joint solution for stateful containers

Portworx and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently debuted a solution-based reference configuration, which enables enterprises to launch stateful container workloads with Kubernetes.

Containers are a lightweight form of virtualization, which break down monolithic applications into small chunks of code in an isolated environment. These environments contain all the resources necessary to run an application, such as compute and memory. With Kubernetes, service providers can manage containers over multiple-cloud architectures.

According to a Portworx Annual Container Adoption survey consisting of 491 IT professionals, 43% of respondents said they use Kubernetes, with 32% using it as their primary orchestration tool.
The reference configuration solution released by the companies uses HPE’s Synergy composable infrastructure to help run Portworx PX-Enterprise container centric storage platform for stateful container workloads, while Kubernetes serves as a container orchestrator and scheduler.

“Running enterprise container workloads at scale requires compute and storage that are highly flexible, scalable and available,” said McLeod Glass, vice president of production management at HPE, in a statement. “Together Portworx and HPE deliver a fully integrated cloud native storage layer on top of HPE Synergy’s composable infrastructure, enabling scalable data and compute services for containers on a Kubernetes cluster. This will vastly simplify the customer’s ability to deliver stateful container services through deployment automation and running native container storage on HPE’s composable systems.”

HPE originally premiered HPE Synergy in December 2015, marking the first platform made to run both traditional and cloud native applications for companies attracted to hybrid infrastructure. Portworx first introduced its PX-Enterprise product in June 2016, which is aimed at users running stateful container workloads. The latest version of Kubernetes, 1.9, is also able to run stateless and stateful workloads.

“The HPE-Portworx solution for containerized workloads strikes an important balance for enterprise IT, between automation and control,” said Murli Thirumale, CEO at Portworx. “HPE Synergy automates hardware provisioning while Kubernetes and Portworx automate the application lifecycle management, a boon to enterprise IT. At the same time, PX-Enterprise enables IT to maintain full control over their storage environment using Portworx’s configurable class-of-service, encryption and backup policies.”

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