Frontier Business, the business services side of Frontier Communications, has a significant growth opportunity in 2018, by helping small- and mid-sized businesses grow using their advanced cloud-based communications services. Let’s face it, the SMB market is looking for help, so they can lead. They must transform the way they communicate, conduct business, gain a competitive advantage and modernize their communications services.

Larger companies have a team handling this, but smaller companies struggle. That’s where Frontier has positioned themselves. As an advisor and vendor of cloud-based UC and VoIP services. They first understand each of their business customer’s needs, then they provide the services each needs.

That’s where Frontier has strategically placed itself. They are a cloud based, VoIP and Unified Communication provider. UC is one of the hottest new areas for communications and that will continue for years to come.

Frontier Business SMB cloud-based unified communications services

There are two kinds of providers. One that simply sells communications services and the other also acts as an advisor, helping companies reconfigure and transform and grow with all the new technologies.

Business customers are looking for a competitive advantage in their industry. If their choice is to lead or to follow, small businesses want to lead as a competitive advantage. However, they also need help sorting through the increasing choices and confusing strategic decisions.

SMB customers all over the country are all looking for new ways to streamline and modernize their communications. There are many different reasons, but the bottom line is, new technology continues to transform and re-invent the way business gets done. Early adopters often gain a competitive advantage.

Early adopters gain a competitive advantage

Consider how business technology has changed over time. We remember plain old telephone service or POTS. We remember early fax machines, the introduction of email, audio and video conferencing and web services. In the early days of the 1990’s, new companies like AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy transformed the way we communicated, and the way business was done.

We remember the first wireless phones that had to be installed in the dashboard in the 1980’s. How Motorola led the handset business until the mid 1990’s. Then they missed an industry shift and suddenly Nokia and Blackberry were in the number one spot for the next decade. Then a decade later Apple iPhone and Google Android were created and transformed the space once again.

Each shift created a new set of winners and losers. These are the types of seismic shifts that transform every industry. Your industry is facing its own earthquake. Its own transformation. Who will the new leaders be in your space going forward?

UC, cloud-based communications services lead going forward

The same kind of opportunity exists today in your space. Small and mid-size companies can rapidly grow and if they do it right, they can lead. Every new industry was started by a small company and founder with a big idea.

You remember how Jeff Bezos of started, right? A cheap desk in a tiny office with a paper sign saying taped to the wall over his desk. Today he is the richest person in the United States and countless cities are vying for the second Amazon HQ. Same with Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and so many others.

With the economy growing so rapidly, with entrepreneurs challenging and creating new opportunities, with small and mid-size businesses leading the way, the future is all about growth and transformation. New companies will take advantage of cloud-based communications services. Existing companies will transform to cloud based services as well.

Any way you slice it, cloud-based Unified Communications services is the future for businesses of every size. Companies that embrace UC have a better chance to grow and transform not only their company, but their entire industry just like the Apple iPhone and Google Android did a decade ago.

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