I have to get something off my chest. While I love what today’s smartphones like Apple iPhone, Google Android and Samsung Galaxy do for us, I absolutely hate the hell they put us through with the annual updates to the operating systems (OS). Updates which are great because they bring more features, but are also lousy since they waste our time and force us to forget what we know and learn new ways of using the smartphone on an ongoing basis. Why put us through this every year?

Perhaps the developers are bored and need to come up with something new to make themselves happy. Perhaps there are users who feel the same way. Fine. Come up with new updates to make yourself happy. However, you don’t have to change everything, every stinking year. Leave the existing format alone and just add the ability for the user to switch to the new format if they want to.

That’s right. Add whatever new formats you want, and keep the old format in tact as well. Let the user choose the format they want to use. Have a toggle switch in SETTINGS. That way the user can choose to change when they are ready. And if they are never ready, they can continue using what they are familiar with. What feels comfortable to them.

Many users love continual change. Many others don’t. Many are older or busier and don’t have the time, skill or patience to learn new ways to do things. Many are very busy running their own businesses and lives. Especially when there is no reason and no benefit to them.

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Every year, I get so many requests from users pleading for help. The problem is companies don’t seem to care about taking care of all users. They say, this is it, take it or leave it.

It’s like the way Facebook insults their users. Users love it and hate it. However, Facebook doesn’t let customers be in control. Like it or not, they are forced to adapt. According to all the people I hear from, this is a big mistake. It treats customers with dis-respect.

It’s like what Microsoft always does with their Windows updates. Why force users to learn new ways to use the OS? You can strengthen and change whatever you want behind the front stage, but that front stage doesn’t need to be changed. Many customers like the new ways of doing things. Many other customers hate it. So, why force your customers to do things they don’t want to do?

Give customers and users the choice they want

The best solution is to give customers the choice. Let them choose which OS format they prefer. I think companies would be surprised to find how many users would stick with a previous OS. Users loved Microsoft Windows XP. They hated the next version. Today they love Windows 7. And as much as Microsoft want’s customers to move to Windows 10, it’s a slow grind. Customers are talking, but Microsoft is not listening. Then again, they never did.

This is the whole point. Customers are not all the same. They are like slices of a pie. So, come up with a new OS format for users who get bored and who want it. But keep the existing OS for users who prefer that one, or who are just too busy to learn something new.

Customers and users are not all the same

Many users feel abused to be put through this kind of torture every upgrade. Why do companies put their customers through this kind of hell, year after year. There is no reason for this lack of care and attention to what many of their users really want.

Executives of these companies would be surprised to learn how many of your users hate this annual OS upgrade angst. They have lives to live. The best solution would be to let the user choose if and when they want to change the OS format.

Why can’t you simply develop new features on the old layout. Many of your users would prefer that. They don’t have the time or desire to re-learn how to use the device, year after year.

With an on-screen butting, give users the choice of the OS they want to use. Is that too much to ask? Users ask me, who do you companies think they are forcing customers to go through upgrade hell year after year?

That’s the question they are asking. So, what is the answer Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and all the other companies making this same mistake? What should I tell your customers when they complain to me?

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