The marketplace is only just beginning to realize how FirstNet it is a new and real growth opportunity for AT&T. What it does not yet understand is it is also a growth opportunity for other companies as well, like CNM Wireless and Siyata Mobile. CNM Wireless supplies PTT handsets and equipment to AT&T from companies like Siyata Mobile for first responders to use in the field.

The First Responder Network Authority or FirstNet is an independent authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce. It was authorized by Congress in 2012. Its mission is to develop, build and operate the nationwide, broadband network for first responders to save lives and protect U.S. communities.

FirstNet is being built because of the chaos of 9/11

First responders are on the front line, saving people and property from disasters. They require a fast, high quality, wireless and wire line voice and data network to not only communicate over, but to quickly share and distribute vital information to countless workers in the field, often simultaneously, depending on each situation.

FirstNet is incredibly important. Remember 9/11 and the chaos and confusion reported by first responders trying to communicate and share information during that attack? We called for a new and advanced communications network to share both voice communications and data communications to share information.

It took a while, but is finally getting started. Today, we live in an information age and we need to bring our emergency networks and devices up to today’s expectations. That’s what FirstNet will become.

AT&T won contract to build FirstNet

Earlier this year AT&T won the contract to build, develop and deliver FirstNet to communities across America. This is one big job. It is also one big opportunity for growth. It will take time. AT&T says they will bring FirstNet to roughly 20 percent of the USA each year over the next five years.

This is not only necessary to protect the security of our nation, but it is also an incredible growth opportunity for all companies that are involved. This is one hell of a job, but the results will be incredible as it will improve and future-proof America, using wire line and wireless networks, equipment like handsets and installed gear in trucks, emergency vehicles and so much more.

While AT&T is busy building the FirstNet network, there is an opportunity for other companies in this new world as well. Companies to supply push-to-talk or PTT handsets and equipment for first responders to use.

Siyata Mobile and CNM Wireless see big opportunity with AT&T FirstNet

Siyata Wireless is one of those companies who see an enormous growth opportunity ahead with FirstNet. They are in the PTT space and deliver handsets and gear not only to FirstNet users, but also to other industry segments as well, like trucking and fleets.

FirstNet is a key focus for Siyata Mobile, who has taken the first step into the North American marketplace both in Canada and the USA. They have secured a distribution agreement with service provider CNM Wireless LLC for the Uniden UV350 4G/LTE connected in-vehicle device.

Something else that will make their handsets and equipment popular with wireless carriers is money. They provide new avenues of income to wireless carriers. Income areas that traditionally bypass the networks.

CNM Wireless is also focused on the FirstNet opportunity. They distribute wireless devices and accessories from companies like Siyata Mobile to wireless operators like AT&T Mobility. They are one of AT&T’s largest wireless distributors. They deliver assorted products and services to carriers.

In fact, Siyata Mobile and CNM Wireless just made an announcement that CNM will offer Siyata PTT devices. AT&T works with CNM for devices to use on their FirstNet network. So, as you can see, like always, there are many ties that bind this entire industry segment together.

Any way you slice it, FirstNet is incredibly important going forward in numerous ways. One is the benefit it will bring to us and to first responders as they work to protect us. Another is the incredible growth opportunity it represents for companies like AT&T, Siyata Mobile and CNM Wireless. And we are only in the first inning of this ball game with plenty more to come.

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