Verizon (FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s former employer) stores were the target of pro-net neutrality protests, along with congressional offices:

Qualcomm touted its new Snapdragon 845 at an event this week and was generally well-received:

Text messaging turned 25 this week:

Stephen Wilkus, CTO of Spectrum Financial Partners, has been doing regular Twitter updates on operators’ progress in restoring service in Puerto Rico. In addition to an animation of the progress, this week he took a look at the impact of Project Loon.

Project Loon’s balloon-based coverage is often disappointing on a daily basis, Wilkus notes:

But a month’s worth of data gives a different view.

Speaking of natural disasters, California is feeling the brunt of another wave of wildfires, this time in the southern part of the state. Test company Keysight Technologies gave the Harvard Business review insights on how it responded when its headquarters in Santa Rosa, Calif. had to be evacuated during fires earlier this fall.

These were two of the most striking images from the fires on Twitter this week.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, I’ll leave you with this image of T-Mo CEO John Legere’s spin on holiday spirit:

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