Verizon choses Vidder to power its Software-Defined perimeter offering

Vidder, a developer of security solutions for cloud based applications, announced its technology is now an essential element of the Verizon Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) offering. Utilizing Vidder’s tools, Verizon said the new service will help companies steer clear of credential theft, malware propagation and server exploitation attacks pervading data centers and cloud environments.

Veizon’s SDP service uses Vidder’s PrecisionAccess solution, which provisions connectivity at the application layer within a user’s device rather than optimizing traditional network-based access controls. The company said cyber attacks are substantially minimized through a single layer of enforcement launched across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Verizon SDP service also includes complementary network services like SD-WAN and Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI).

“Today’s digital, mobile, and virtual business applications continue to enhance collaboration and productivity, but they also increase potential exposure to security threats with each new endpoint,” said Jeffrey Schweitzer, chief innovation architect, Business Products & New Business Innovation for Verizon. “SDP helps reduce these risks by making critical applications and resources invisible to everyone until the end users and devices are authenticated and authorized.”

“The integration of Vidder technology with Verizon’s managed security and networking services creates a unified networking and security solution for global enterprises,” added Vidder CEO Mark Hoover. “The Verizon offering will help enterprises to increase agility, manage costs and contain risks.”

Verizon originally showcased its SDP service at its Operational Convergent Response in June, demonstrating how network services could be used to provide information to first responders quickly. The service confirms both the user and device identity prior to authorizing mission-based access. Integrating SDP’s security models with Verizon’s LTE coverage enables service providers to obtain critical data from their mobile compute devices.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a nonprofit organization that promotes practices for securing cloud computing, also tested Verizon’s SDP service during five public and private hackathons. According to CSA, the software withstood 15 billion attacks from 104 different countries. No data breaches at any level were reported.

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