There’s a notable deal underway in the Indian mobile market: Bharti Airtel is picking up Tata’s Teleservices operations, boosting Bharti Airtel’s position in a market where competition has been ratcheted up by Reliance Jio. For some perspective on the deal, the overall market and the competitive position of those players:

Elsewhere in the Twitterverse, Federal Communications Commission Jessica Rosenworcel joins the chorus of voices admonishing President Donald Trump for tweeting that the free press shouldn’t be so free and that NBC’s broadcast licenses ought to be “challenged”.

Some interesting perspective from telecom consultant Andy Seybold on the First Responders Network Authority building its public safety LTE network from the ground-up versus the strategy that it ended up taking, where AT&T will build out more of its own capacity while it adds FirstNet Band 14 support. FirstNet, Seybold says, gets the advantage of more immediate network access as well as priority and preemption:

Speaking of LTE, here’s a map that reverses the usual way of looking at coverage and gives a different take on the scope of LTE networks around the world. Instead of mapping where LTE is, it shows you where it isn’t.

Want to develop new app features to stay ahead of the competition but don’t get leaked? Snapchat is stepping outside Silicon Valley with a new R&D facility in Utah.

Mobile payments may not be the norm here in the U.S., but in China they have caught on in a big way.

Did we see this in the new trailer for The Last Jedi that came out this week?

In case you missed it, here’s that trailer:

And for one more Friday time-waster, this is one of the more mesmerizing applications of fancy printing technology that I’ve seen.

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