A few weeks ago, with the launch of the first of two Apple iPhones, the question was, which would be the big seller this year, iPhone 8 or iPhone X? The answer is becoming clearer. Sales of iPhone 8 are sluggish, so it looks like the iPhone X will become the big winner this season, and it’s not even available yet.

Sales of the next iPhone typically explode off the shelves. Not this time around. So, that means this time it appears users are waiting. This may set off a gold rush mentality for those who want a new iPhone X. And there may be a short supply, at least initially, according to reports.

iPhone X is revolutionary while iPhone 8 is evolutionary

It’s really a question of evolutionary vs. revolutionary. The iPhone 8 is an evolutionary improvement over the iPhone 7. The iPhone X is more revolutionary. The truth is, these two new devices will attract different types of users. Some users just want the newest, next generation devices and want to be on the cutting edge.

It’s hard to be revolutionary every year. The recent iPhone 8 launch is a perfect example. After the revolutionary first few years, the iPhone became just evolutionary and has been there for a while. I said their sales would suffer. However, what I missed was that didn’t matter to the bottom line. Apple has a very unique customer base. Users love them. Bottom line, Apple kept selling iPhones and kept growing.

I believe that’s what we are looking at this time around as well. This year they are offering both, something evolutionary and revolutionary. The iPhone 8 is an evolutionary improvement. The iPhone X is revolutionary. This is the first time Apple introduced both at the same time.

I think users are waiting for the iPhone X, so they can compare it with the iPhone 8 and then make their decision. So, I think iPhone X sales will be brisk, but I also think iPhone 8 sales will improve dramatically as well.

Remember, these product launches always start with the early adopters. Apple unveiled enough cool new technology in both devices to keep users happy and that will keep investors happy. However, these devices are not for everybody. Depending how you use your iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV, this announcement was either very exciting or not so much.

Many users invest in the iPhone they currently have. They buy expensive cases, cases with battery power to extend the life on a daily basis and so on. So, buying a next generation device means shelling out more money than just for the phone. That’s one reason many don’t upgrade on an annual basis.

Apple Watch 3 wireless connection problems

One of the new versions of the Apple Watch 3 now has cellular built in. It works independent from the iPhone. It shares the same phone number, but lets you talk even without the iPhone nearby. It also lets you send text messages, listen to music on iTunes and more. This will be a big deal for those who use the Apple Watch.

Of course, the Apple Watch 3 cellular seems to be having troubles connecting with certain cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Apple says they are investigating and will fix it as soon as they figure out how to do so. This is a big oops. Something that should have been spotted and fixed before release.

The Apple TV 4K is newer, cleaner and sharper. If you are an Apple TV fan, you will love what they have done. If not, I don’t think this new version will move your needle either. They are adding live news and sports and better 4K technology to make it work faster with a better picture. If you love Apple TV, you will love this.

Ten-year iPhone anniversary with augmented reality

This year is the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone and Apple spend most of their time on that product. They introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It has a better camera, faster processor they call Bionic, is water resistant and charges using Qi charging station, which means no cords.

The iPhone X will also have Apples early version of augmented reality or AR. This lets you play games by adding creatures and environments to the camera picture you are watching around you. So, you can have a battle with an android on the table in front of you while sitting at your next company meeting.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are what we expect from Apple in the next generation product. They are better, but will only really be wanted by one slice of their customer pie at this initial stage.

One more thing, Apple iPhone X with neural engine for Face ID

At the product launch, Apple had a ONE MORE THING, moment that Steve Jobs started a while ago. This year, the one rore thing was the iPhone X, pronounced iPhone 10. First, the name. I have a feeling it will be called the iPhone X or just “X”, but that’s just my opinion. We’ll have to wait and see what actually happens.

iPhone X is a sharp device that is all screen and more advanced. It has no button on the bottom, so you’ll have to learn how to use the iPhone by swiping your finger across the screen. I’d imagine it’s the way all new iPhones will look going forward, maybe starting next year.

It uses Face ID using a neural engine for face recognition. In other words, it scans your face and opens your screen. It’s pretty advanced and cool, but what if your husband, wife, kids, mom or dad want to use your phone? Will they be able to use it or will it remain locked? They didn’t discuss this question. Bottom line, there is plenty to get excited about, if you are part of that initial wave of early adopter customers.

Bottom line on iPhone X, iPhone 8, Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV

Bottom line, Apple introduced enough innovation to have another good year. I think there are plenty of early adopters, so I think Apple will sell plenty of these new devices. I will be interesting to see which are the top sellers and why. Any way you slice it, I think they will all be successful.

So, congratulations to Apple. You did it again. Your new technology expands our thinking once again. You have introduced both an improved iPhone and a radically reinvented iPhone. This will help you continue to grow making your workers, customers and investors very happy for another year. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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