Saguna launches MEC Starter Kit

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) company Saguna launched what it claims to be the world’s first MEC Starter Kit.

MEC is a network architecture that allows IT and cloud-computing capabilities to be performed at the edge of the cellular network. The purpose of MEC is to decrease network congestion and boost applications by conducting processing tasks closer to the end user. According to a report published by Research and Markets, MEC represents an over $80 billion market opportunity by 2021.

Saguna announced its support for the AWS Greengrass initiative last June, which was intended to help bring services to mobile users from the network edge through distributed MEC infrastructure. In particular, the company developed a solution for launching local MEC cloudlets running AWS Greengrass close to connected devices. Saguna has also been working with Vodafone recently to test video streaming on MEC servers in the radio access network (RAN).

Saguna’s new MEC Starter Kit includes its Open-RAN, which integrates with edge applications with REST APIs and provides real-time information services, such as user location and network status. The kit encompasses a complete, virtualized MEC environment, sample edge applications and support package.

Among the key features of the MEC Starter Kit package, according to the company, include Saguna vEdge MEC Platform, which creates open cloud-computing environment for edge applications; Saguna OMA (Open Management & Automation), which promotes scalability and integration with centralized orchestration and management systems; sample content delivery and IoT applications, which boost the production of edge applications; as well as a support and training package.

“The Multi-access Edge Cloud has the power to transform broadband networks into fast and localized cloud computing infrastructures,” said CEO of Saguna Lior Fite in a statement. “As MEC leaders & pioneers, Saguna is dedicated to empower CSPs, and application developers to advance and accelerate their Edge Cloud initiatives. With our release of the world’s first MEC Starter Kit, which is an easy-to-use package and can be setup in a couple of hours, seizing the MEC opportunity is easier than ever.”

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