Nuage Networks to expand and upgrade Fujitsu Enterprise Cloud Service K5

Fujitsu has chosen Nuage Networks, Nokia’s software-defined networking (SDN) subsidiary, to extend and update its enterprise cloud service.

Fujitsu Enterprise Cloud Service K5 is the world’s biggest OpenStack cloud service, according to the company, providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for virtual machines and bare metal services. The company is pushing its customers to transfer their on-premises workloads to bare metal servers in K5. The bare metal services are managed by OpenStack Ironic.

Commenting on why Nuage Networks decided to collaborate with Fujitsu specifically, Hussein Khazaal, head of marketing and partnerships, Nuage Networks, told RCR Wireless News: “The Nuage Networks VSP combines flexibility and openness with massive scale and high performance. Fujitsu’s Enterprise Cloud Service K5 is an open platform that spans the globe with 25 data centers with support for OpenStack, VMware and Bare Metal as well as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).”

“Their needs and what we have built our platform for are a perfect match, and we both want to offer enterprise customers a flexible, easy and cost-effective way to accelerate their digital transformations. We have the same objectives and are aligned to deliver on the promise of cloud—and this engagement helps Fujitsu K5 offer more services faster and grow beyond their current data centers and into new locations .“

Nuage Networks will upgrade the K5 by combining it with its Virtual Services Platform, providing Fujitsu and its partners with scalable and available virtual networks. What makes Fujitsu K5 IaaS service unique, according to the company, is its early support of the developing OpenStack Ironic project, which aims to provision bare metal machines over virtual machines.

Nokia’s SDN-solution will enable Fujitsu to move its K5 solution beyond data centers based in Japan, Europe and North America to new centers in Singapore and Australia, while providing support to enterprises along their path to a cloud-native architecture. In addition to on-demand delivery of services, Nuage Networks said it will provide security, manageability and availability of the cloud, in addition to support for non-cloud-native applications running on fully integrated bare metal services.

Noting the hurdles customers ought to be aware of in setting up this kind of technology, Khazaal added: “The four key success factors to any service are quality/reliability, breadth of services, speed with which you deliver and cost to operate. Failing in any one of these would have negative consequences on your business as a service provider. Therefore, you must choose the right technology and an open platform that enables you to support any workload (containers, virtual machines or physical server) any cloud management system (OpenStack, VMware, CloudStack) and any hypervisor (KVM, ESXi, HyperV) in any combination.”

Fujitsu said it will launch the Nuage Networks VSP as part of its upgrade and expansion to its second-generation architecture starting early next year at its data center in Japan.

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