There should be quite a bit of embarrassment at Apple in the last couple weeks since they admitted to the iPhone slowdown. But is there? I wrote about this problem several times in recent years. What happens next–as Apple pushes three new iPhone models— now that the cat is out of the bag and Apple admitted their wrong doing? Will customers still trust Apple?

Will Apple continue to grow? Will their special relationship with users continue? I have talked about this problem many times over the years. So, thank you to Apple for finally standing up and being honest.

No, I don’t think Apple is criminal. Yes, they crossed that line with the customer. I think they made a very bad call. They secretly hurt their users. They have always been too full of themselves. They must think their customers can’t make their own decisions. That’s a serious miscalculation.

 Apple users want to make their own decisions 

They may have been trying to protect the user, but it’s also arrogant and demeaning to the customer. Especially since the iPhone has been in the market an entire decade already. They have been making all the decisions regarding the iPhone, MacBook and iPad for years. The problem is, their users have grown up and now find that kind of behavior to be insulting.

Ten years ago, when the iPhone and Google Android were first introduced, things were different. The iPhone was a new technology and users needed help for a while. Time passed and bad actors made the marketplace dangerous with malware. However, the marketplace has grown and matured. Today, users want to make their own decisions.

That means Apple must find a middle ground to keep their customers happy, give them freedom, yet still protect them.

 Difference between Apple iPhone and Google Android

Android has always given users the freedom and choice. This freedom has given many the opportunity to steer their own ship. And yes, sometimes they steer it into a brick wall. However, people are different and Android users demand that freedom.

On the other hand, Apple has always given their users a more secure cocoon environment. A place where they could not get into too much trouble. They did this by limiting the freedom users have.

In other words, Apple treats their iPhone users like kindergarteners, whose actions are always watched and supervised by the teacher, so they can’t hurt themselves. On the other hand, Android users are like seniors in high school, always pushing the envelope and often getting into trouble, but they love the rush.

Both iPhone and Android have stayed the same over this last decade. The problem is, the marketplace has changed. There are more threats today. That’s why Apple stayed the course. However, users are more mature. Users want more control. They want to make their own decisions.

 Apple should give iPhone users more choice and control

What Apple should have done was talk to the user and give them the choice, rather than making the decision for them. Not go as far as Android, but treat users with respect and give them more choice.

They should have told users that batteries lose their potency and need to be upgraded every few years. That would have solved the problem without slowing things down behind the scenes. You can’t hide anything any longer. Trying is suicide, as Apple now knows.

They should have told users, they have a choice. Either slow down the older iPhone because of this battery issue, or keep it running as fast as ever, but the battery may suffer. But the key is to give users the choice and not do things behind the scenes which will someday bite you in the rear end like it just did.

 Apple should have been honest with slowdown and battery problem

This is the obvious choice any smart company would make. Treat your users with respect. Let them make the choice. After all, they paid a small fortune for these devices. It’s their device. So, they should be able to control them. Make their own decisions. Treating them like children is insulting.

That is the rub. That is the Apple problem. They want to retain control. They want to continue to treat users like they are kindergartners who will get themselves into trouble. The problem is, their users have grown up.

This is the biggest threat to Apple. If they don’t smarten up and treat users with respect, they will lose long term.

 Biggest threat to Apple is Apple

I know users love the iPhone, MacBook and iPad. However, Apple is starting to tick users off. I don’t want to see them crest and fall on their growth curve. I want them to continue to succeed. However, that means they must adapt to the changing marketplace.

Treating users like smart people, like partners, instead of children in kindergarten is something they must do going forward. I agree with Apple. They don’t have to be as open as Google Android. They can protect users. However, that’s a big difference from this iPhone slowdown which was secretive and sneaky.

Apple must give users more freedom, but still keep them protected. They must do this while not being secretive and hurting themselves. They must give users more choices. They must realize their users are now grown up. They can make their own decisions They should treat users that way in order to continue to maintain long-term trust.

This is a crucial moment for Apple. Are they ready? I hope so. Their future is in their own hands.

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