Last week on a CNBC interview, Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm discussed how the company is dealing with the challenges of Covid-19 and how the pace of 5G wireless transformation is not slowing down. Let’s discuss how Qualcomm and the entire wireless industry are continuing to grow just as rapidly as before.

Until now, there has been plenty of speculation and debate among many industry watchers whether the move to 5G has slowed due to this world-wide health challenge.

The good news is, the USA and in fact the world-wide 5G wireless transformation is still moving ahead as fast as ever, according to Mollenkopf. In fact, parts are moving ahead even faster than before, which is very promising.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile still moving to 5G fast as ever

I see wireless carriers in the United States like AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and smaller networks as well like US Cellular, C-Spire Wireless and others, are still on the fast track to rapidly upgrading to 5G. I also see the same is true with global wireless networks.

The reason is simple… competition. No carrier wants to fall behind their competitors. No carrier wants their competition to move ahead of them.

Every carrier remembers the trouble T-Mobile was in years ago when they didn’t move to 3G as fast as their competitors. That almost cost them everything.

Android, Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy still moving to 5G fast as ever

That’s why every wireless carrier is continuing to upgrade as quickly as possible. Every carrier wants to be first. No carrier want’s to be last. This drive is fueling this 5G revolution.

Handset makers like smartphones and tablets are also installing 5G into their next generation devices. Some are doing this quicker than others, but all are heading in this same direction as fast as ever.

These are companies like Google Android, Samsung Galaxy and eventually Apple iPhone and iPad. Apple is always late to the party every cycle, but when they launch, they will still be a powerhouse.

Telemedicine, Telehealth, self-driving car moving to 5G faster than ever

Plus, there are many different industries which are moving to 5G as well. This is something new. Think about the connected car or automated driving. Think about TeleMedicine and so much more.

This sudden growth in TeleHealth is being super-charged by the US Government, patients and doctors. Expect this new area of growth to continue to show speedy forward movement.

5G is an enormous growth opportunity for these other industries and companies. And helping them build their connectivity and technology is a big growth opportunity for the network builders and technology leaders like Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson and more, worldwide.

Alex Rogers EVP of Qualcomm says licensing business rapidly growing

Qualcomm now has two new 5G licensees, OPPO and vivo. Qualcomm says they have all the top OEM’s except Huawei locked into 5G licensing agreements. That’s powerful and set’s them up for an incredibly strong growth wave over the next decade.

Alex Rogers, EVP and President of Qualcomm Technology Licensing says the technology licensing business is doing well as 5G continues to rapidly spread around the world.

He says Qualcomm Technology Licensing is in a really good position. The OPPO and Vivo licensing agreements are long-term worldwide SEP agreements covering multi-mode products.

Qualcomm growth opportunity remains on track

This high demand from every sector of the 5G world is a massive growth opportunity for wireless builders like Qualcomm.

This is what has been happening with them over the last several years. Then the coronavirus hit the world. The questions were swirling around both Qualcomm and the entire wireless industry.

Now those questions have been answered and it looks like Qualcomm and the entire industry are continuing to move full speed ahead.

That’s great news. That’s why I think this CNBC interview with Mollenkopf is important.

It is reassuring for Qualcomm and for the wireless industry. That means for workers, partners, investors and competitors who are all very happy to hear this news.

It shows how growth in 5G wireless continues in many different directions at the same time, and how that trend should continue moving forward, both in the US market and globally.

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