Serverless multi-cloud market growth compels Joyent and LunchBadger partnership

Joyent, a software and services company, and LunchBadger, a serverless microservices platform, recently announced they are teaming up to support multi-cloud serverless applications.

Joyent is a subsidiary of Samsung, which was acquired by the company in 2016. At the time, Joyent was one of the few companies occupying the cloud space that had yet to be absorbed by a large company like Samsung. The acquisition enabled Samsung to become less dependent on major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

The recent partnership between Joyent and LunchBadger provides an agnostic alternative to AWS Lambda, Google Functions, Azure Functions and IBM OpenWhisk. According to the companies, Joyent’s Multi-Cloud Kubernetes will allow users to provision and manage Kubernetes clusters across private and public environments through a global control plane. As part of the collaboration, Joyent’s Triton Kubernetes will be used to provide multi-cloud compute with Kubernetes serving as the delivery vehicle.

“Our partnership with LunchBadger is a key element of our open cloud strategy,” said Shubhra Kar, vice president of product, Joyent, in a statement. “Their LunchBadger Serverless Platform has been designed to be cloud agnostic and Kubernetes native. They are the ideal partner for us to work with to provide our customers the ability to break free from the lock-in of proprietary ‘as a service’ offerings of cloud providers.”

The companies also said they will use LunchBadger’s application stack for management, which includes Express Gateway, an API gateway built on Express.js, microservices composition and integration tooling, developer portal and IDE to write functions, as well as Kubernetes runtime.

“We view this as perfect timing for the industry,” said Al Tsang, founder and CEO, LunchBadger. “Joyent has freed enterprise users from the cloud’s storage and computing constraints. We are excited to partner with them to help solve the challenge of microservices and serverless. The time is now for a more agnostic approach to cloud, especially with the latest technology driving code on demand, free of the need to provision underlying infrastructure. Multi-cloud unlocks enormous potential to increase productivity and operational efficiency through an automated modern application stack.”

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