Google targets hybrid cloud market with Dedicated Interconnect updates

Google announced Tuesday updates to Dedicated Interconnect, which are aimed at Google customers seeking to develop hybrid cloud deployments. The company is expanding its networking capabilities to allow customers to have more ways to connect to private data centers managed by Google.

Google originally debuted Dedicated Interconnect in September as a way for companies to extend their corporate network into Google Cloud. When Dedicated Interconnect was released last month, it offered 35 interconnect locations. The recent updates add four more locations in Atlanta, Mumbai, Munich and Montreal.

In addition, Google debuted its Cloud Router Global Routing, which helps pinpoint the shortest route in the Google Cloud. This allows for U.S. customers to connect to all subnets running on GCP regions around the world, including those in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

The move is part of a strategy by Google to expand upon its hybrid cloud portfolio as its compete with other tech giants like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Earlier this month, for example, Google announced a hybrid cloud partnership with Cisco to enable customers to transfer their applications between Cisco data centers and its cloud platform.

Google also announced a partnership with global data center provider Equinix to offer more locations for Dedicated Interconnect. Specifics of the partnership remain ambiguous; although, the companies intend to extend Dedicated Interconnect access to multiple markets around the globe.

“By providing direct access to Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect, we are helping enterprises leverage Google’s network — the largest in the world — and accelerate their hybrid cloud strategies globally,” said Ryan Mallory, vice president of global solutions enablement at Equinix. “Dedicated Interconnect offered in collaboration with Equinix enables customers to easily build the cloud of their choice with dedicated, low-latency connections and SLAs that enterprise customers have come to expect from hybrid cloud architectures.”

According to John Veizades, product manager of Dedicated Interconnect, the service can be configured to provide 99.9% uptime service level agreement. He added Dedicated Interconnect will make it easier for companies to connect to Google Cloud and is ready for the next generation of enterprise workloads.

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