Have you heard that tower climbers will jump to a company for even the smallest increase in pay? It’s not necessarily true.

What is true is companies are under a lot of pressure to get antennas installed. It’s also true that there’s a shortage of tower climbers to do the work. The industry is trying to fix the latter but, for the near future, the reality is not going to change.
So, what can companies and climbers do? This week’s guest, Kathy Gill, Owner of Tower & Safety Instruction in Phoenix, AZ, has some insights. She trains directly with tower climbers and she knows what they care about and why they leave.
In this episode, she shares:
·       The biggest reason climbers change companies (it’s not for a tiny increase in pay).
·       What makes a crew effective and what destroys it from within.
·       The toll travel takes and what some climbers are doing about it.
·       The small steps managers can take to help keep their crews intact.
·       How management and climbers can work together to get their mindsets and goals aligned.
Gill’s approach focuses on improving the reality that exists rather than feeling dissatisfied about the one that doesn’t. Listen now and be sure to subscribe to 5G Talent Talk.


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