At Fontech, we’re continuing to pursue our goal of providing CSPs with the state-of-the-art technology they need to differentiate from competitors and improve the experience of their subscribers.

Our latest launch is Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution which empowers operators to optimize and control their subscribers’ home WiFi experience. Not only does it improve home WiFi coverage, it also gives CSPs complete visibility and control over the service and the ability to autonomously resolve potential issues.

We’ve all experienced frustration with WiFi issues at home. And since we’re constantly adding new devices to each and every room of our homes, expecting higher and higher connection speeds, and encountering new sources of interference, the traditional WiFi-enabled router model is no longer good enough.

Operators have had to manage customer dissatisfaction and bear high customer support costs due to a lack of adequate tools when dealing with WiFi-related issues. And to make matters worse, new OTT players are taking away CSPs’ control over the home WiFi experience, as new companies like Google enter the game.

Fontech developed its Home WiFi solution specifically for operators. It is a full end-to-end solution that covers every aspect of the home WiFi service, including the in-home experience of end users, customer support, and even technical operations.

This solution is key for operators to improve net promoter score, reduce customer support costs, differentiate from competitors, and strategic move versus OTT home WiFi providers.

The solution features powerful technology including:

  • Home WiFi Software for CPEs and extenders: Software that can be installed on any operator’s CPEs or third-party extenders for interacting with the Home WiFi Platform. The software also includes features such as handover control, band steering, and data gathering.
  • Home WiFi Platform: The brain of Fontech’s Home WiFi solution, this cloud-based or on-premise platform provides CSPs with full visibility of the end-user WiFi experience and with it, the ability to resolve customer issues. Its intelligence and capabilities are available through an open API or a dashboard. The dashboard is an intuitive user interface that is key for reducing support costs.
  • Home WiFi SDK: A user-friendly and intuitive tool (also available as an app) that gives end users the ability to self-management their own home WiFi experience. This SDK gives users recommendations on how they can improve their home WiFi, guidance on how to install new WiFi extenders, manage devices and user access policies, and it even helps them create guest WiFi networks.
  • Fon WiFi Extenders: Fon can also provide CSPs with advanced WiFi extenders that significantly increase home WiFi coverage.

We’re excited about what this means for CSPs who now have full visibility and control of their subscribers and for users who can enjoy a better experience than ever!

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