Expected 5G spectrum utilization will mean major engineering and design challenges in terms of spectrum characteristics: very high frequencies and very large channels, with high expectations for performance. Vendors, operators and government initiatives around the world are testing and trialing 5G technologies to understand and cope with the challenges of the next-generation of technology. RCR Wireless looks at some of the 5G trials and testbeds, R&D work and how the test industry is supporting the evolution to 5G in terms of chipset, network infrastructure and network software.

Kelly Hill, Editor, RCR Wireless News
Jessy Cavazos, Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan
Hank Kafka, VP – Network Architecture, AT&T
Yvon Rouault, Advisor, CTO Office,EXFO
Dr. Jeorge S. Hurtarte, Product Manager, LitePoint

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