Arm launches online learning platform aimed at digital transformation of education

Advances in technology are opening up new modes of learning that extend beyond the classroom. In an effort to help train digital natives entering the workforce, Arm recently launched a new online training platform for its partners.

Digital natives are individuals who been immersed in a world of internet, computers and cell phones since birth. This is in stark contrast to older generations, known as digital immigrants, who had to adapt to these technologies which emerged throughout their lives. While digital immigrants have mastered such technologies, digital natives have never known a life without them.

The point of Arm’s online learning platform is to help Arm partners get the most out of the company’s IP. The platform is designed for desktops, laptops and mobile phones. It consists of in-person training, live virtual training and online learning, including bitesize two to three minute searchable videos about various ARM technologies. Some of the online topics include an introduction to Arm, AMBO, Armv8-A, among other kinds of architectures.

In addition, knowledge checks are available to test a user’s knowledge and note areas where improvement is needed. The platform also has an element of artificial intelligence, which monitors which bits of content are being used by which people.

The Arm training platform can be accessed either privately or publically. Private access is ideal for large organizations, allowing employees to share information with their colleagues. Public access is ideal smaller organizations, allowing employees to interact with teams from other companies.

Although technology is changing education, that doesn’t mean the classroom is dead. “Not in the slightest. It just means we need to adapt it and work on it,” said Matt Rushton, an Arm product manager of training services during a presentation highlighting the platform at Arm TechCon. “From an Arm point of view, what we are working and training towards is making our training courses more workshop oriented.”

Another benefit of online learning concerns the environment, according to Rushton. By providing training guides in an online format, paper usage is significantly reduced. In addition, by making educational materials available online, people no longer have to carry around large textbooks or risk losing them.

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