A conversation with JP Compagnucci, Market Development Global Leader in Enterprise Mobility, CommScope

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Enterprises have become more eager to take an active role in the on-premise wireless infrastructure, from ownership to operations, either on their own or with partners. To do so, they need support in navigating what for many enterprises is a new technological environment, and they need solutions that address their needs and speak their language. In this conversation, I talked with JP Compagnucci, Market Development Global Leader in Enterprise Mobility, about how CommScope addresses the new role of wireless within the enterprise.

“In the enterprise spaces, there is now a universal expectation that there should be wireless connectivity throughout all the buildings, in every part of the building, not just in certain areas. Wireless is truly becoming the fourth utility,” JP told us. “Wireless connectivity has an impact in the enterprise business, and in different verticals, as well. There is a correlation now between indoor wireless connectivity and office productivity, tenant retention strategies, property value, to name a few.”

At the same time, the outdoor wireless infrastructure does not provide sufficient indoor coverage or capacity. “The enterprises need some help to solve those indoor connectivity challenges, particularly from the ecosystem that feeds them, and we are perceiving a shift in the ownership models, where enterprises want to take more control,” JP added.

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Jan Geldmacher, President, Sprint Business will join the webinar to present the operator’s view on the wireless enterprise

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