Zayo deploys its own SD-WAN solution

Publicly traded company Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. deployed its SD-WAN yesterday, an integrated extension of the company’s fiber-based IP/MPLS. The purpose of the solution, according to the company, is to make it easier to manage networks by improving performance, reliability and failover options.

Companies across the globe are witnessing significant growth in their wide-area network (WAN) traffic, while relying on software to manage their networks. The rise of the cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS), big data and the internet of things (IoT) has created a need for network resources with high performance and low latency. The aim of SD-WAN is to optimize enterprise WAN connections for efficient usage with various connectivity options.

Zayo hinted last year it planned to offer its own SD-WAN solution in 2018 in an effort to improve its enterprise WAN offerings for business customers; although, an exact date was never given. The company is well positioned to deliver a SD-WAN solution with a 126,000-fiber mile network in North America and Europe, which includes extensive metro connectivity to thousands of buildings and data centers.

According to the company, WAN management has become increasingly difficult with cloud-based applications. For this reason, Zayo’s SD-WAN streamlines WAN management. It is available for both basic and advanced packages, including managed and unmanaged options. The solution can also be integrated with web and IP-VPN connection for greater capacity and efficiency. Additionally, the technology intends to reduce connectivity expenses by relying less on costly MPLS connections.

Zayo’s SD-WAN builds upon the company’s portfolio of WAN solutions, which include IP and Ethernet-based solutions as well as managed and unmanaged solutions. Customers are able to keep tabs on network traffic at the application level through a portal, or outsource the network management to Zayo if they so choose.

“The WAN is one of the most critical components of any enterprise network infrastructure and can be complex and challenging to manage,” Mike Strople, president of Zayo Enterprise Networks, said in a statement. “Zayo’s SD-WAN makes WAN management easier and more efficient, providing better performance, flexibility and reliability.”

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