Container security vendor premiers Twistlock 2.3

Container security company Twistlock announced the availability of Twistlock 2.3 with a focus on protecting container workloads. The debut marks the 12th release of the company’s main product with new features like cloud native firewall, app aware system call defense and image layer aware vulnerability analysis.

Containers are a lightweight form of virtualization, which package large scale applications into small bits of code in an isolated environment. This chamber includes all the necessary ingredients to run the application, from memory to disk storage. Among the benefits of containers include the ability to launch multiple applications on a single host operating system (OS). Unfortunately, since containers share the same OS, they make it easier for hackers to gain access to the entire system during a security breach.

Twistlock originally launched its container security platform in November 2015 in an effort to provide runtime security options for container deployment. Since then, the platform has undergone numerous updates. Last September, for example, the company premiered Twistlock 2.2 equipped with an Incident Explorer tool, which leverages machine learning to review individual security events.

Twistlock has built upon the intelligence and threat knowledge in Vulnerability Explorer, providing customers with more insight into the risks in their environment. The technology now leverages an attack vector, attack complexity and the existence of exploit code as additional inputs to calculate security risks, according to the company. Other updates include Linux seccomp policy libraries to help combat unauthorized system calls, as well as a baked-in version of vulnerability management for serverless functions.

Additionally, Twistlock 2.3 has added specific heuristics for attack scenarios observed in the wild to pinpoint and thwart container specific attacks, according to the company. The latest platform includes specific protection for scenarios like lateral movement in orchestrated environments, poisoned registries used for cryptocurrency mining and attacks against weak defaults in popular container images.

“Twistlock 2.3 equips our customers with deeper defense, more actionable knowledge, and intelligent tools to deliver protection to their cloud native stacks, from top to bottom,” said John Morello, chief technology officer at Twistlock, in a statement. “Twistlock is the most comprehensive solution for cloud native cybersecurity and we’re taking the platform to even more scenarios and environments in 2018.”

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