Millimeter wave calls compliant with 5G New Radio standard

Testing out millimeter wave transmission compliant with 3GPP’s 5G NR specification, infrastructure vendors Nokia and Ericsson, along with partners, both claimed firsts as it relates to establishing standard-based, over-the-air links.

Nokia worked with Verizon, using the operator’s millimeter wave spectrum, to connect radio and core equipment to a test van parked in Washington D.C. Verizon plans to launch 5G fixed wireless access for residential broadband in four cities this year followed next year with the introduction of mobile 5G.

Bill Stone, Verizon vice president of technology development and planning, highlighted the advancements the carrier has made with Nokia in testing 5G NR-based systems. “The cadence and frequency of these significant milestone achievements…show just how quickly we’re taking the promise of 5G technology from the lab to the field and to the marketplace where our customers will ultimately use this revolutionary technology.

On the same day Nokia rival Ericsson, along with Qualcomm, announced the completion of an OTA millimeter wave call, based on 5G NR, but to a test device with a smartphone form factor, not a van. The test devices used Qualcomm’s X50 modem and millimeter wave subsystems. Qualcomm gave mobilization of millimeter wave a big boost earlier this year with antenna support that will pop up in commercial devices next year.

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon characterized mobilization of millimeter wave as “seen by many as an impossible challenge, but this demonstration validates that we are on track to bring groundbreaking 5G millimeter wave experiences to consumers.”


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