TIM also signed an agreement with LG to foster 5G development

Italian carrier Telecom Italia (TIM), together with Nokia, says it has completed full coverage of the republic of San Marino with 5G technology.

The coverage has now been increased to 99% of the territory via the installation of 8 macro sites with 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz antennas.

All the sites are equipped with massive multiple-input multiple-output technology. Nokia’s end-to-end solution provides for the virtualization of all the mobile network components, including radio access, TIM said.

“We are the first state in Europe to boast complete 5G coverage of its territory. An important result achieved thanks to the collaboration with the TIM Group and Nokia, who we thank for having believed in our country and having managed to complete this challenge,” said Andrea Zafferani, the country’s secretary of state for telecommunications.

“Completing the installation of the eight 5G sites in the territory of San Marino makes the republic the first European country to be fully covered by the next generation network: a new record to which TIM has made a strong contribution thanks to the partnership with leading international companies, including Nokia, and the local authorities. This goal is part of TIM’s long-term 5G strategy aimed at enabling innovative solutions for Digital Society,” said Elisabetta Romano, TIM’s CTO.

“Nokia is ready to deploy 5G and we are proud that we could now deliver on this promise and be the 5G supplier in the first European country with full 5G coverage. Now, we are looking forward to continue working with the local ecosystem to test and develop new services based on 5G,” said Massimo Mazzocchini, VP for Mediterranean and Italy Country Senior Officer at Nokia.

In related news, Telecom Italia TIM and LG signed a collaboration agreement focused on the development of 5G technology. The partnership aims to enhance the innovation capacity of the companies, as they anticipate the joint launch of 5G services and terminals in Italy, TIM said.

Under the terms of the deal, TIM will support LG in the development of 5G solutions for the Italian market, providing the innovation hub partner ecosystem as well as the technological know-how. LG will support TIM by providing the technical support necessary for the development and testing of 5G solutions.

“The 5G is an innovative technology that represents an incredible opportunity for many sectors of industry, from automotive to robotics, health and wellbeing to transport and will provide a relevant push to the spread of the Internet of things and the smart city. As a leading technology group with operations in many of the sectors involved, 5G is a top priority for LG and the partnership with TIM is evidence of our commitment to ensure a successful launch in the Italian market as well,” said David Draghi, sales director of mobile communication at LG Electronics Italia.

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