What will people remember from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show? The biggest electronics show of the year always has a dizzying array of hundreds of shiny gadgets that may or may not ever make it into large-scale production and/or mainstream adoption. The tech eye candy was at maximum-hype this week, and here’s a sampling:

The robot you can cuddle to sleep:

The robot you can play ping-pong with:

The robot you can talk to:

The robot that teaches programming: (Okay, this is the rare CES item that I can actually say, “I have this!” Or, my kids do. It was a Christmas gift ,and they have spent hours programming this thing to zoom around the house and crash into my feet, then tell me that it loves me.)

The “air taxi” demo:

Cisco’s high-flying synchronized drone display:

The wristband that turns your hand into a phone:

And the TVs. So, so many TVs.

This is the one that jumped out at me as something I’m actually going to see in the near future: an under-glass fingerprint sensor for smartphones.

All those things are nifty, but I’m going to go with the #CESblackout being the thing that lodges in the long-term memory. The lengthy power outage threw a huge wrench in the event — this is an “electronics” show, after all — and the supreme irony of a huge consumer electronics show being paralyzed by lack of power (apparently caused by condensation due to rain) was not lost on some observers:

Most companies who commented tried to keep a sense of humor about it:


When Oreo weighs in, I guess you’re just thankful that at least you can still eat cookies in the dark.



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