High performance interconnectivity solutions are vital to the overall system performance of modern day mobile network. With 5G on the horizon and demands of higher data and higher performance on the rise, the radio and antennas are ever increasing in numbers, but at the same time decreasing in size. This also means the RF connectors on antennas and radios have to increase the performance, robustness against possible damage while reducing their foot print on the equipment to allow for compact designs.

The current existing connectors in the market are either lacking their design robustness or are too big in size or lack critical performance parameters. For example, the 4.3-10 interface is a PIM stable interface but the design and size do not fit applications requiring PIM stability and robustness in a small size.

This Webinar explores:
-What are the challenges faced by customers as equipment becomes smaller and performance criteria increases
-How the consortium of three leading RF connectors came together to solve this problem.
-How NEX10® interface is the solution for current and future needs for connectors with small footprint requirements
-Current status of the NEX10® roll out in market and standardization(IEC)

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