Last week Siyata Mobile said Bell Mobility is now offering the Uniden UV350 push-to-talk device in Canada. Siyata has been testing their devices and software for a while on the Bell Mobility network, so winning this approval is important. So, if that’s the case, is the next stop the US marketplace?

Until the early 2000’s, push-to-talk like on the Nextel analog network was hot within a slice of the wireless marketplace, but then vanished. Now, Siyata Mobile is bringing PTT back, but this time it’s digital. 4G, in fact, and uses the Google Android OS.

While PTT isn’t a huge slice of the marketplace like the traditional iPhone and Android, it is very important and in fact needed for the groups of business customers who are eagerly awaiting it’s launch.

Siyata Mobile may soon bring PTT to US marketplace

What this says to me is this: Since Bell Mobility, one of the largest and most influential wireless players is on board, other carriers will soon join them, in Canada, in the US marketplace and in fact, the world-wide marketplace. How quick is the real question? I think this is a matter of when, not if.

Siyata Mobile says the UV350 is the first and the only all-in-one 4G/LTE in-vehicle smartphone. They have been working to win approval for quite a while, and now that this is rolling out, I expect to see them working with other carriers as well.

Siyata Mobile launched in Canada with Uniden UV350 PTT device

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata, says their goal is to provide customers with a safe, PTT-enabled device is an important achievement not only for them, but for Canada’s professional drivers as a whole.

He says the current status quo of multiple single purpose hardware in a vehicle poses both a physical and mental distraction to drives. He says they are committed to providing a solution that puts safety first and that the UV350 gives customers a reliable and quick connection to a single or group of drivers instantly with the push of a button.

Bell Mobility has Canada’s largest PTT community

Bell Mobility has Canada’s largest PTT community of users and the largest line-up of PTT enabled phones and accessories and they are rugged to take a pounding and keep working. Perfect for the trucking community.

Beyond trucking, there are quite a few other industries including first responders, mining, oil, gas, forestry, transportation, heavy equipment, school bus and so many others.

Many industries find PTT a valuable service

Bell Mobility is a large and very strong brand name in Canada. Every wireless network must take great pains to make sure anything that is connected to the network, doesn’t screw things up. That’s why this win with Bell Mobility says we should expect to see more, and I think this could happen pretty quickly.

In fact, once the ball gets rolling, it often picks up steam. Not only do the competitors want in, so do networks in other countries. Before long, this new service an PTT device will be on everyone’s radar on again. And this time it’s 4G and uses Google Android.

Since these devices are Android based, they should be very easy to understand and to use by the marketplace. No word when it will be for sale in the USA, but with this Bell Mobility move, I would say we should start getting ready.

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