A conversation with Ken Sandfeld, President, SOLiD America, SOLiD

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The enterprise’s wireless requirements are growing, as wireless coverage, capacity, services, and specific applications become crucial to ensuring productivity. But is the enterprise willing to pay for the in-building infrastructure it needs? What needs to happen to get the enterprise to fund the in-building infrastructure? And will mobile operators be willing to use networks they do not own? SOLiD has been working on solutions to this challenge, with a focus on the middleprise. In this conversation, we talked with Ken Sandfeld, President at SOLiD America.

Operators cannot build indoor infrastructure in most enterprises, but they want to work with them. Ken told us that “operators realize they’re going to have to work with the building owners and with vendors, like SOLiD, to come out with solutions that are affordable for everyone and solve everyone’s problems.”

At the same time, Ken continued, “building owners are more proactive about solving for these things. They recognize it’s going to require some investments, and they recognize that those potential investments have ROIs. They’re looking at how that’s going to increase the return on investment on their building, as well as how to make them safer.” The enterprise needs the scalability, flexibility, and low cost to make their investment profitable, to ensure that the network meets their needs, and to provide access to multiple operators. And this the area in which SOLiD has been working on with GENESIS.

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