Oracle will deploy dedicated cloud regions in Vodafone’s main data centers that manage its European IT and network operations

Vodafone is accelerating its transition to the cloud with the migration of several of its systems to Oracle’s managed cloud region called Dedicated Region [email protected] (DRCC). The move, claimed the companies, will provide a dedicated cloud platform for Vodafone to modernize its thousands of Oracle databases, while enabling the operator to scale its mission-critical OSS and BSS systems and to build new cloud-based applications faster and then launch them in multiple markets at the same time.

Oracle engineered DRCC as a way to address restrictions associated with moving critical workloads to the public cloud. It offers the same services at the same conditions as the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) public cloud, but does so inside the customer’s data center.

In a press release, the pair explained that the cloud company will deploy dedicated cloud regions in the operator’s main data centers that manage its European IT and network operations. “The deployment of cloud infrastructure services directly inside Vodafone’s own network and data centers will enable the operator to flexibly modernize, manage and automate its critical systems using new technologies such as autonomous services, and more easily meet the latency and performance requirements of these applications,” they stated.

“As Vodafone focuses on growth, data is key to how we evolve our business, build new capabilities and innovate to meet the needs of our customers. Our collaboration with Oracle supports our vision of becoming a technology communications company,” said Scott Petty, chief digital and IT officer, Vodafone. “The agreement enables Oracle to bring its entire portfolio of cloud services directly into Vodafone data centers. This includes the same architecture, software, services and control plane used in its public Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”

A new business balance

According to Oracle’s Executive Vice President Clay Magouyrk, operators are “reimagining their business models to innovate and monetize new opportunities.” He added that by deploying Oracle’s cloud Infrastructure at its data centers, Vodafone can better support itself and its partners as they go after the next generation of connected services.

“Now more than ever, telecom companies need to quickly adopt new technologies to deliver new innovative products at speed while continuing to meet evolving regulatory requirements,” commented Jonathan Tikochinsky, executive vice president, global strategic clients, Oracle. “Our partnership with Vodafone is based on achieving this balance, providing a cloud platform that enables Vodafone to modernize and consolidate its existing infrastructure while also building a foundation for a digital future.”

The partnership marks a step forward in Vodafone’s broader technology goals, particularly those slated for 2025, which include reducing time-to-market of its services, providing stand-out customer experiences through always-on services, and reducing operational costs through automation. Additionally, the migration to Ocracle’s managed cloud region supports the operator’s multi-year initiative to consolidate and modernize the technology infrastructure.

Previously, Vodafone UK selected Oracle for the provision of cloud-native network policy management for its Standalone 5G network. The pair noted that the supply of Oracle’s cloud-native network policy management solution will enable the operator to make more intelligent policy decisions and quickly test and deploy new services.

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