SAS and DAS come together as CBRS Alliance looks to Q4 OnGo deployments

The industry is eager to put valuable spectrum in the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service band to work. The CBRS Alliance, an industry trade group working to advance adoption of shared spectrum, recently put together a Deployment and Operations Working Group ahead of expected implementations by the end of the year. On this momentum, DAS vendor Zinwave has incorporated Federated Wireless’ spectrum access system controller into its product offerings.

The SAS is key to managing access to the band, which will be shared by three tiers of users: incumbents, priority access licensees and general access licensees. Zinwave said it’s the first DAS provider to incorporate Federated’s tech allowing the company to go-to-market with an end-to-end OnGo (the brand name of CBRS) solution.

Zinwave CEO Scott Willis highlighted the enterprise-enablement delivered by CBRS. “We’re committed to making Zinwave architecture the simplest and most complete OnGo, cellular and public safety solution in the industry, and as the private LTE space evolves, we will continue to take the necessary steps to help our end -users and partners realize the full benefits.

Earlier in the year Zinwave launched CBRS pilots with Fortune 100 customers. Check out this interview with Willis to hear his perspective on OnGo for the enterprise.

Also on the trial front, Boingo has been running a project at Dallas Love Field. In an interview with RCR Wireless News, Boingo Chief Technology Officer Derek Peterson said the company is supporting around 20 users from Love’s IT department who are equipped with compatible smartphones and dongles for laptops. Ruckus provided the five radio nodes deployed in the airport and Federated Wireless provided the spectrum access system.

Speaking of the partnership with Zinwave, Federated Wireless President and CEO Iyad Tarazi emphasized “the value of end-to-end design…We look forward to continuing to work with Zinwave to make CBRS a commercial reality this year.”

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