Weaveworks announces free tier Weave Cloud on Google Cloud Platform

Weaveworks announced free tier of Weave Cloud for Google Cloud Platform users. The platform is intended to make it easier to develop, deploy and oversee container-based applications.

Weave Cloud is a software-as-a-service leveraged by app developers. It is made to alleviate challenges within the container-production pipeline. The platform can be integrated with CNCF Kubernetes, Docker Swarm/UCP, AWS ECS, Apache Mesos and Mesosphere DC/OS.

To reap the benefits of the container-managed platform Kubernetes, DevOps teams have to combine various services, from setting up a container cluster to continuous integration. The purpose of Weave Cloud for GKE is to reduce this complexity with a pre-integrated solution in one place in addition to an encompassing set of dashboards.

Among the new features of the platform include management, release automation, rollback for CI/CD and full stack Kubernetes troubleshooting. Benefits include the ability to set up complete Kubernetes cluster and CI/CD pipeline in minutes, migrate across multiple cloud environments, use Git, and pull requests for auditable and reliable roll out of configuration changes.

“The Weaveworks team is making it fast and simple for developers to get their Kubernetes cluster up and running on Google Kubernetes Engine, wiring up tools that work in the way developers expect,” said Aparna Sinha, ‎group product manager ‎for Kubernetes at Google. “The philosophy of ‘operations by pull request’, known as GitOps, is very powerful and completely in line with Kubernetes design and makes it even easier for developers to start with Kubernetes today.”

The company said Weave Cloud is currently available as an upgrade subscription on Google Cloud Platform for DevOps teams that are deploying and managing applications in production, providing larger data storage, additional functionality and integration with development tools.

“Customers want the power of Kubernetes, but they want to spend less time and effort getting there. With Weave Cloud on GKE any developer can connect up their Git repos and have an operations-ready application in minutes,” said Alexis Richardson, CEO at Weaveworks. “We call it GitOps – the simplicity and speed of joining up build, deployment, monitoring and analytics in one place. Kubernetes is the future of application delivery and this is the missing piece.”

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