Germany and Spain are set to receive the Nreal Light mixed reality glasses in spring of 2021

Vodafone Germany announced plans to introduce the Nreal Light glasses for augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) over its 5G network, beginning with Germany and Spain in spring 2021. Lightweight and compatible with Android smartphone apps, the glasses are meant for everyday consumer use, with specific supported activities including browsing the internet, online shopping, viewing media and playing games.

Phil Patel, Vodafone group director of products and services, called the glasses “a breakthrough product.” He said that when combined with Vodafone’s 5G network, consumers and businesses will have an “affordable, accessible way of experiencing the latest augmented and mixed reality experiences and brings the future a little closer for everyone.”

Qualcomm’s Senior Vice President and President Enrico Salvatori congratulated Vodafone and Nreal for the announcement, adding that smartphones with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 5G mobile platforms are a perfect companion for the glasses as they have “both the processing power and ultra-fast, low latency 5G connectivity to deliver amazing, immersive XR experience.”

“Combining Qualcomm Technologies’ leading solutions with Vodafone’s 5G network and the Nreal Light glasses as accessories to smartphones will take the mobile XR experiences for both consumers and enterprises into a new, immersive dimension,” Salvatori continued.

Qualcomm has previously expressed interest in developing consumer mixed realities experiences. A year ago, the company partnered with Niantic, the creator of hit mobile game Pokémon Go, to accelerate the delivery of mixed reality AR to consumers.

Nreal Light is already compatible with most existing Android smartphone applications, but even so, Vodafone and Nreal are collaborating on the development of additional immersive AR and MR applications for consumers and businesses. The apps in progress include interactive, immersive education, sports apps that overlay stats and graphics during live games, advanced multiplayer games blending live and virtual environments in real-time, navigation and tour guides, fitness coaching and interior design.

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