VMware to purchase CloudCoreo

VMware recently announced it is acquiring cloud configuration-management startup CloudCoreo for an undisclosed amount to further secure hybrid cloud environments.

CloudCoreo was founded in 2016 with a focus on building next-generation cloud security services, which identify and fix misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across the public cloud. Misconfigurations are a major technical challenge with respect to cloud security, which can result in the accidental exposure of company data. Even if unexploited, misconfigurations can still cause major business problems.

CloudCoreo is a small company with fewer than 10 employees. As part of the acquisition, the CloudCoreo team, along with the company’s configuration-management product, will join VMware’s Cloud Services unit. Leveraging CloudCoreo’s technology, users can keep tabs on their infrastructure stack to provide insights and shared visibility across security and DevOps teams, according to the company.

“As a part of VMware, CloudCoreo will enable us to extend our model of supporting consistent operations across any cloud,” wrote Milin Desai, general manager, cloud services, VMware, in blog post announcing the acquisition. “We will help customers to access the best cloud for the needs of each individual application, while optimizing security and compliance. And we will give customers the ultimate choice to develop any type of application their business needs and deploy to any cloud, without increasing complexity or risk to the business.”

The company said the acquisition will provide its hybrid cloud customers with a better understanding of their applications and data. CloudCoreo will aid businesses in the configuration of their cloud services, identifying public cloud misconfigurations or risks at deploy time.

VMware has been focused on security lately. Last September, the company unveiled a security solution, called AppDefense, which enables users to secure applications running on virtualized or cloud environments. It provides an intent-based security function capable of pinpointing and thwarting attacks from a position in a hypervisor.

CloudCoreo isn’t the only company VMware has purchased in an effort to better facilitate and manage hybrid cloud environments either. Last April, VMware acquired Wavefront, which provides a metrics monitoring service for cloud and modern application environments. According to VMware, the acquisition would help the company, “set the standard for cross-cloud and modern application monitoring.”

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