Overcoming wireless network interference in the field is a major challenge given the exponential growth in demand for mobile services and the volume of wireless signals traversing today’s networks. For complete assessment, technicians and engineers typically have to carry multiple instruments in their kit for real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA), cable and antenna testing (CAT), or vector network analysis (VNA).

Now, with Keysight’s FieldFox with RTSA  device, one integrated device rules all those diagnostics to capture every signal in real time and enable detection, location and fixing of spectrum interference with benchtop accuracy. The FieldFox with RTSA, which weighs only 7.1 pounds, can perform RTSA up to 50 GHz plus CAT, VNA, and more. Even small signals once masked by stronger signals can be detected, including signals as narrow as 12 µs with 100% POI – with full amplitude accuracy.

The FieldFox with RTSA is the latest in Keysight’s FieldFox analyzers line-up which deliver highest accuracy in on-site environments while being durable enough to withstand tough working conditions.

Gap Wireless is an Authorized Distributor of Keysight solutions; more information on Keysight products supplied by Gap Wireless is available here. Gap Wireless works with industry-recognized vendors to stock and distribute thousands of wireless infrastructure, Test & Measurement products, and a suite of hardware and value-added services for the UAV (Drone) market. Serving carriers and contractors throughout North America, the company also provides value-added technical/engineering services.

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