Telia said it expects to launch full commercial 5G services in the Nordic country in 2020

Nordic carrier Telia and Ericsson have launched what they claim is Sweden’s first 5G network at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The cooperation between Telia, Ericsson and KTH aims to “build an innovation arena where the institute can test various applications of 5G with the support of industry actors,” the collaborators said.

“To have access to Sweden’s first 5G network here on campus is an amazing opportunity. It gives our researchers, teachers and students a head start when it comes to understanding and developing this new technology ahead of its wider launch. This is exactly the kind of partnership we believe helps stimulate research-driven innovation,” said Professor Jan Gulliksen, VP for digitalization at KTH.

Telia said that the network at KTH will be permanent and constitutes the first building block in Sweden’s coming 5G network.

“Two years ago, we promised to bring 5G to Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm during 2018. In light of this, I’m especially proud of launching the first 5G network in Sweden at KTH today. This is going to be a truly dynamic test environment where not only large businesses and entrepreneurs from our partnership program, but also researchers and students, can continue to develop solutions for the connected society so that Sweden can remain at the forefront when 5G is launched commercially in 2020,” said Johan Dennelind, president and CEO of Telia.

“Ericsson and Telia have a long history of driving innovation and technical development together. For that reason, we are very happy about being able to display one of the first 5G networks in the world, based on commercial and standardized products, in our shared home market. 5G is a fundamental technology for continued digitalization, and together with Telia we are solidifying our position as two global technology leaders in an upcoming mass market,” said Börje Ekholm, president and CEO at Ericsson.

The carrier noted that the frequencies required for commercial launch of 5G in Sweden will not be available until 2020. Telia says it will continue to develop 5G technology within the framework of the company’s 5G partnership program during 2019 to pave the way for the full commercial launch in 2020.

Telia launched a pre-commercial 5G network in Helsinki, Finland in early September. In November, the company launched 5G in the city of Oulu. In Oulu, Telia aims to create a 5G ecosystem in the Nuottasaari industrial area, allowing industrial companies and logistics operators in the area to develop new digital operating models via 5G technology.

Earlier this week, Telia also launched a 5G network at Helsinki Airport in Finland in partnership with airport operator Finavia. The telco said that Finavia will be its first customer to use the pre-commercial 5G network in Finland, to support a 5G-enabled robot.

Telia’s 5G network operates on test frequencies issued by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Commercial activity in the 5G field can be started at the beginning of 2019, when the licenses for new frequencies issued by the Government will enter into force, the company said. Telia won 5G frequencies in the 3.5 GHz frequency range in an auction which ended on October 1.

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