Tech Mahindra and AT&T strengthen camaraderie

IT company Tech Mahindra and AT&T are building on their relationship with a deal that will make the latter company’s FlexWare (SM) available to the former company’s global clientele.

AT&T Flexware, previously known as AT&T Network Functions on Demand, is a network infrastructure solution designed to make it easier to set up multiple virtual network functions (VNFs), from routers to firewalls, with a single device. The purpose of the solution is to help companies save costs and become more agile by making them less reliant on physical devices. Instead, users can manage their VNFs through an online portal.

“This is another significant milestone in our strategic relationship with AT&T,” said Ashish Julka, senior vice president at Tech Mahindra. “AT&T FlexWare is a state of the art product which we believe delivers significant value to enterprise customers in their network transformation journey. With Tech Mahindra’s strengths in System Integration combined with a transformative solution from AT&T, it is a win-win for all stakeholders.”

As part of the partnership, Tech Mahindra plans to merge AT&T FlexWare with its System Integration and Services Portfolio. The solution will be made available to global clients to aid them along their digital transformation journey. This collaboration will provide a bundled offering of AT&T network and management services and Tech Mahindra’s expertise in service management.

Other companies are leveraging FlexWare to virtualized WAN acceleration for applications or areas with limited bandwidth. According to AT&T, FlexWare has three class of applications, including routing, security and WAN acceleration, in addition to SD-WAN itself. The solution is available in over 200 countries and territories, most of which encompass Tech Mahindra’s footprint.

“AT&T FlexWare enables intelligence at the edge that will help businesses analyze, protect and refine their networks. And it’s adaptable. You can easily revise for future changes and incorporate new technologies to stay ahead,” said Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer at AT&T Business. “Having Tech Mahindra on this journey with us will make the platform available to more businesses globally.”

The announcement follows a day after AT&T landed a deal with Equinix, which will involve making AT&T’s Switched Ethernet Service with Network On-Demand available to businesses in Equinix International Business Exchange data centers.

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