ETSI Open Source rolls out Open Source MANO THREE

ETSI Open Source MANO (ETSI OSM) group announced the general availability of Open Source MANO (OSM) THREE yesterday, keeping up to pace with the organization’s goal to release a new OSM every six months.

ETSI is the organization that defined management and orchestration (MANO) as the architectural framework for overseeing the uptick of network functions among virtual devices. The group began working on leveraging open source software for the MANO of network functions virtualization (NFV) in association with its NFV industry specification group in 2015. ETSI OSM was assigned the task of providing an open source MANO stack using “accepted open source tools and working procedures.”

The latest release allows users from various service providers to access the OSM system with the appropriate set of privileges. According to the organization, this helps boost the adoption of complex operation workflows without compromising network security or operations. In addition, release THREE includes support for shared space projects, enabling users to access and operate a specific set of network services and virtual network functions (VNFs).

“OSM Release THREE provides a highly functional and reliable component for NFV Orchestration that enables all industry players to accelerate their deployment plans, with no need to change their target architectures for NFV infrastructure or OSS transformation,” said Francisco-Javier Ramón, chairman of ETSI OSM group, in a prepared statement.

Moreover, the new service assurance and monitoring capabilities enable an orchestrator to respond to events and metrics obtained by VNFs and infrastructures in a technology-agnostic manner. Additional features include anti-affinity rules, explicit port ordering and device role tagging, which accelerate the deployment, availability and resilience of VNFs.

To demonstrate how the newest release operates in the real world, ETSI is holding its first OSM Onboarding Hackfest alongside the second ETSI NVF Plugtests event in January. ETSI OSM members will also bring their OSM implementations to the Plugtests event. This year’s occasion will include multi-site operation, network path, enhanced platform awareness, fault and performance management, and NFV application programming interfaces.

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