ESW Capital’s ZephyrTel seeks to build a $100M telco software group

Edge specialist Vasona Networks has been acquired by private equity-backed telecom software ZephyrTel, which has been snapping up mobile and enterprise software-related companies in a series of recent acquisitions.

ZephyrTel is part of Austin, Texas-based private equity group ESW Capital. Financial terms of the Vasona Networks acquisition were not disclosed.

Some of ESW’s other recent acquisitions include TAKE Supply Chain, which focuses on mobile enterprise data collection; Bonzai Intranet, which offers ready-to-deploy corporate intranets; Cellebrite’s Mobilogy business, which offers mobile device lifecycle solutions for mobile operators; and digital publishing company Olive Software, among others.

Multi-access edge computing is seen as a way for mobile network operators to improve the operations of their own networks in terms of latency, reliability and efficiency. Vasona Networks has been building its business around that concept for a number of years now, using in-line edge installation of its solution for network traffic classification and steering to improve performance and therefore, stretch out upgrade cycles for network capacity as mobile traffic (particularly video) continues to grow rapidly.

ZephyrTel said that is is “building a world-class telco practice, to provide a multi-solution and services proposition to the global telco industry and leading enterprises.”

The company described its primary objective as being to “offer software and [software-as-a-service] solutions across telco companies IT estates; from infrastructure right through to customer experience. This, coupled with high levels of industry domain expertise, will enable it to offer consultancy on both business strategy and technology execution.”

ZephyrTel said that Vasona will be marketed under its own name and “sit under the corporate brand, helping ZephyrTel to meet its ambition to build a Telco Software Group of circa $100M in the short term.”

“ZephyrTel is growing quickly, in fact, this is our fourth acquisition in just over 3 months. As a result, we believe we are very well placed to serve the global telecommunications software market, from the smallest to the largest of companies. The acquisition of Vasona will significantly strengthen our portfolio in the area of mobile edge cell technology software,” said Mike Shinya, ZephyrTel CEO, in a statement.

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