Pensa announces Pensa Maestro NFV

Pensa deployed its Pensa Maestro NFV today, a carrier-class software for intelligent automation of network functions virtualization (NFV) services.

Pensa Maestra, a cloud-based platform that enables enterprises to create software-based IT environments to support their applications, serves as the company’s core automation technology. An on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) called Pensa Lab was the first product made available on the platform. Pensa Maestro NFV marks the second product introduced by the company since its formal launch last October.

“We began development of this solution for NFV back in 2014, before many people were thinking about the complexity of designing these networks,” said Ujwal Setlur, co-founder and CTO of Pensa. “Today we have years of experience engineering customer solutions for NFV. Early customer deals and the introduction of Pensa Lab last years allowed us to harden our technology to the point where we are proud to call Maestro NFV carrier-class.”

NFV refers to the decoupling of software from hardware, and is part of a wider initiative by the telecom industry to virtualize its networks. Currently, however, technological gaps within the realms of intelligent automation, modeling and validation have made it difficult to transition to virtualized environments. Pensa Maestra NFV aims to address those gaps.

Specifically, Pensa Maestra NFV leverages intelligent automation and advanced modeling to assist communication service providers (CSPs) with designing, validating and delivering NFV services. According to Pensa, the solution’s intelligent design can create complex networks comprised of multi-vendor technologies, while intelligent validation ensures those network designs are both correct and work as intended.

“Pensa uses intelligent automation to simplify and speed up every step in the process of creating and delivering network services using NFV. We can onboard and validate new VNFs automatically,” Tom Joyce, CEO of Pensa, told RCR Wireless News. ”Pensa has an intelligent designer that helps create complex network topologies. Intelligent validation ensures network success even for complex multi vendor designs. We can also size and cost out server hardware requirements.”

Other benefits of Pensa Maestro NFV targeting CSPs include the ability to simplify and accelerate the deployment of NFV solutions, bring new revenue-generating services to market faster, and intelligently automate NFV solution design, build and test processes.

“As CSPs migrate from legacy appliance-based infrastructures to NFV-enabled environments to better serve their customers, they need solutions capable of accelerating that journey. The ability to streamline and automate the design, validation and delivery of new virtualized services will be required to ensure success,” said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Pensa Maestro NFV was architected specifically to reduce the time, mitigate the risk and rapidly validate services to ensure CSPs could quickly and confidently deploy test or production NFV environments.”

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