Telecom operators around the world have faced the struggles of declining ARPU, intense competition, as well as rising CAPEX and OPEX. With 5G on the horizon, the economics of the mobile industry have to change. The layered approach of adding the next G (generation of mobile technology) on top of previous Gs and having to maintain them all as silos, is costing operators billions of dollars in CAPEX and OPEX.

Parallel Wireless has reimagined the wireless architectures by disaggregating hardware and software to make RAN open, easy and cost effective to deploy and maintain. This software-based network solution supports ALL Gs (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) under the same unified software umbrella, making cellular networks unified, programmable, automated, agile and future proof, to deliver an optimal network performance for all use cases: low density/high density, in-building services (IBS) or public safety 4G/LTE.

The Parallel Wireless world’s first ALL G software enables:

G Agility: Unified software-enabled architecture for ALL Gs delivers CAPEX savings of up to 60% and OPEX savings of up to 65% with:

  • Deployment flexibility through consolidation of network functions (i.e. vBSC for 2G, vRNC for 3G, vEPC for 4G) and interfaces on standardized hardware
  • Heterogeneity across RAN and core, enabling openness and interop between all vendors and all technologies allowing to select best of breed without vendor lock in
  • Operational simplicity and OPEX reduction by removing architectural complexity and automating networks

At TIP summit, Vodafone and Telefonica expressed the importance of disaggregating hardware and software to make RAN open, easy and cost effective to deploy and maintain. Both operators highlighted the necessity of software-based network solutions being able to support ALL Gs (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and being fully orchestrated.

Intelligent orchestration enabled by Parallel Wireless ALL G Open RAN software and across all network elements provides MNOs with:

  • best performance for the best end user experience in HetNet environments with seamless mobility across ALL Gs
  • automation and programmability across ALL Gs to deliver self-configuration and ease of maintenance for professional services savings

In addition, operators need technology that will maximize the value of their existing network assets and give them the capital for a cost-effective migration to 5G. And this is made possible by Parallel wireless software with 5G-native architecture that is delivering benefits of 5G to ALL Gs (i.e. latency, network slicing, orchestration) to protect and extend MNOs’ investment in previous Gs.

By supporting 2G/3G/4G/5G under the same software umbrella, Parallel Wireless delivers on the promises of real-time orchestration and network automation. Future proofing for ALL Gs is made possible by the white box and Open Compute movement, resulting in network unification and radically lower cost structure. This all G software-enabled approach allows MNOs to scale and gain profitability while readying their networks to evolve with subscriber needs.

Meet with us at MWC19 booth 5i5 to learn how you can become profitable with our all G software-enabled solution.

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