Kubernetes-as-a-Service comes to Mesosphere DC/OS 1.11

Cloud database company Mesosphere announced version 1.11 of its data center operating system (DC/OS) container platform, with updates centered around Kubernetes, edge and multi-cloud operations.

Mesosphere’s DC/OS serves as a distributed system, which provides common services to software container applications. The cluster management functionality behind DC/OS is provided by the open-source Apache Mesos project. It abstracts the data center into a pool of computer resources to make it easier to run distributed systems at scale, according to the company.

Among the new features on DC/OS include the general availability of Kubernetes-as-a-Service, which enables users to install and scale up production-grade Kubernetes clusters. The container orchestration platform was made available in beta in the previous DC/OS version. The company said that DC/OS automates over 20 distinct steps for Kubernetes deployment. It is certified with the latest version of Kubernetes, 1.9.

“Deploying a highly available Kubernetes the hard way takes more than 21 steps. To ensure security, it is even more grueling! With DC/OS it is one step,” Chris Gaun, product marketing manager, Mesosphere, told RCR Wireless News in an email exchange. “However, for operations, delivering a Kubernetes solution to developers is more than deployment. Kubernetes with Mesosphere DC/OS aims to deliver the same experience you get with an as-a-Service public cloud provider, but is deployable on any infrastructure. This includes not just day one installation, but day-to-day management.”

A unified control plane is also intended to make it easier to manage hybrid-cloud operations. With the control plane, workloads can be scheduled and launched across multi-cloud environments in a few clicks. Additionally, edge and multi-cloud operations can be enabled to provide business continuity, disaster recovery and cloud-bursting capabilities. The company noted a DC/OS cluster can stretch beyond local nodes, which keeps the footprint of remote offices or edge infrastructures down to a minimum.

DC/OS adds additional layers of security for data centers as well, including encryption for sensitive information and data services integration with common authentication, authorization and access control mechanisms. The company said it improves secrets managements used to protect sensitive data shared by authorized applications.

“As we’ve seen from our customer base of Global 1000 companies, the enterprise has a tremendous opportunity in front of them: take control of their data, a business’ greatest asset, and turn it into insight and actions that drive profit and growth,” said Florian Leibert, CEO and co-founder, Mesosphere, in a statement. “DC/OS provides the platform to power real-time, data-driven applications, like those for connected cars, personalized experiences, and machine learning, all with the right infrastructure on your terms.”

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