The number four wireless carrier, Sprint, has selected Synchronoss Technologies to lead them in their digital transformation to help prepare for growth going forward. This is the kind of thinking every company needs to have now as going digital becomes the focus from here out. This transformation effort is called Sprint Now and is a great example of what we should see more of.

Sprint has always been the number three wireless competitor, after Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility. But over the last year or two Sprint has slipped to number four, as T-Mobile US has grown into the number three spot. So, faced with this painful reality, this is the kind of move Sprint needs to make now.

Synchronoss Technologies helps Sprint simplify and grow

Hopefully, Sprint can improve and simplify their unrelated and overly complex systems. In addition to simplification, they will be focused on generating additional revenue and decreasing costs. This is the kind of model that should be very attractive to every business that must also go through this same digital transformation.

Today, Sprint has a confusing online presence for suppliers, workers, partners and most importantly, customers. Today, online should be clear, simple and easy. Today, it’s not.

Think about the way works. They make it easy and simple for customers to buy and track their order. They also use all the information they collect to market new products and services to you. This has helped Amazon grow to one of the largest and strongest companies in the world.

Sprint needs to simplify and improve customer experience

I believe that’s what Sprint wants. They are turning to Synchronoss Technologies to help them do just that. I think Sprint will start with the business services side of the house. If successful, I think they will expand it to the consumer side as well.

As a wireless analyst, I have followed Sprint for the last several decades, I know what they have done right and wrong over that time. And there is plenty of both. Today, they are a very different place. Even so, they are still trying to dig in and propel themselves going forward.

I would say the initial part of this new project should be focused on improving and simplifying the customer experience. This is key and there is plenty of work to do. I am glad they understand this weak link and are now trying to strengthen it. They need to address their entire operation.

Sprint needs upgrade to cloud, AI and IoT

They also need to improve, simplify and grow other business areas like the cloud, AI and IoT. These are areas where competitors will eat their lunch if they don’t improve and become more competitive.

Over a long period of time, Sprint has been out of control. They are an assortment of confusing and different systems that are not connected. This makes it very difficult for everyone, executives, workers, customers, investors and more. It makes it difficult to wrap their arms around the opportunity and see rapid growth.

This is what they need to focus on. Simplify. Integrate. Make it easy for everyone to do business with them. Something that seems like a big challenge today. Perhaps, with the help of Synchronoss Technologies, they can make progress in this direction. This is what they need to do going forward.

It will be interesting to keep our eyes on Sprint. To see their progress over the next few years. To see how organization and digital transformation can help them get out of their own way. If successful, it will be good to see them start to grow once again and to gain traction in the hot and competitive wireless wars.

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