AT&T Ready 2 Go is a great service idea whose time has finally come. Instead of you going to the store to buy your next smartphone or tablet, what if a service representative came to you? That’s exactly what AT&T Mobility has been doing for the last few years and their customers really seem to love it.

AT&T briefed me on this new service when it was first introduced back in 2017. Back then it was called AT&T Same Day Delivery. I thought it was a good idea but didn’t think it would catch on with mainstream customers.

However, since that time in the markets where this service is available, roughly two-thirds of AT&T customers have used it. So apparently, users love it.

They also just briefed me on the new name and brand update. It is now called, AT&T Ready to Go, and they are expanding rapidly across the USA.

AT&T Ready 2 Go makes setting up smartphones, tablets easy

Let’s face it. Moving to a new carrier or upgrading to a new device is always a pain point that users must all deal with. Think about the process of updating your smartphone or tablet. If nothing else, its time consuming and confusing. And you are always worried about losing your data in the process.

First, you drive to the store, wait in line, choose your new device, and have them move your data from the old to the new device. This is the way every wireless customer has to do things with every wireless carrier.

Some like it this way, but many others don’t. That’s where Ready to Go comes into play. They come to you, set you up, move your data and train you on the new device.

Competitors do not offer a similar program yet. However, with the success this is having, I can imagine that every competitor is looking at developing their own version of Ready to Go. Whether they will or will not do anything is still the question.

Ready 2 Go is a competitive advantage for AT&T

AT&T says three points make this program successful; it is convenient, they meet you anywhere and you have the confidence of their expert dedicated to your satisfaction. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience.

In addition, AT&T Ready 2 Go is no additional cost to the user. That’s right. This service is free. This service started in 2017 with 15 markets. Today in 2019 it is in 54 markets and continues to grow.

As life gets busier, users are all looking for ways to make things easier and less complicated. Today, AT&T has the competitive advantage with Ready to Go. Other wireless competitors like Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint should follow. Will they is the question?

This is the kind of innovation and reducing a wireless pain-point that I absolutely love.

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