IBM deploys new services to ease cloud migration

In a bid to accelerate the digital transformation process, IBM launched two new services, IBM Cloud Migration Services and IBM Cloud Deployment, which the company said can make it easier for companies to transfer data and applications to the cloud.

Cloud migration is a process that involves moving company data and applications away from on-site computers and onto a public or private platform. Several companies have gravitated to the cloud to deliver different services, such as servers, storage and applications, to an organization’s computers and devices via the internet. According to the third annual CloudEndure Cloud Migration Survey Report surveying 256 IT professionals across the globe, usage of the public cloud among companies will increase 28% within the next two years.

Despite the popularity of the platform, migrating to the cloud isn’t a guaranteed smooth and easy process. Among some of chief reasons companies are wary about embracing the cloud include concerns centered on time and costs. IBM said its Cloud Migration Services and IBM Cloud Deployment Service can make public cloud migration more affordable and easier.

Cloud Migration Services is made for businesses that are ready to move to the cloud. It is tailored to help users understand their current IT infrastructure, according to the company. If, for instance, a user needs to collect information on which workloads and applications should be moved to the cloud, a self-service Discovery module helps gather accurate data about the existing environment.

Cloud Deployment Services, on the other hand, is an orchestration and automation platform intended to boost company flexibility and efficiency through a centrally hosted IT-as-a-service solution. In particular, it is made to deploy applications workloads on private and hybrid clouds across multiple platforms.

“IBM Cloud Deployment Services provides agility by deploying automated patterns and workflows that capitalize on VMware Software-Defined Data Center and cloud automation technology,” said the company. “Gain control, streamlined management and a customized, dedicated portal and dashboard.”

The new services build upon the company’s product portfolio focused on cloud migration. Last month, for instance, IBM launched its Cloud Mass Data Migration services to offer comparable services provided by rivals like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. In addition, back in April, IBM’s Aspera unit launched Aspera Transfer Service, a hosted software service for high-speed transfer of files and data through cloud infrastructure.

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