New analysis from Verizon shows the impact of data from fleet management

The use of fleet management software to analyze information from connected vehicles is resulting in real value for businesses in terms of safer and more efficient driver behavior, according to new analysis from Verizon Connect, the operator’s telematics’ business.

“For field service businesses, vehicle utilization can be a primary source of lost efficiency and a leading indicator of areas of improvement,” Verizon Connect said in a new report. The company’s analysis was based on report utilization figures from 720 U.S.-based fleets and more than 27,000 individual vehicles that Verizon Connect supports.

“The more companies measure, the more improvement they see,” Verizon Connect concluded in its analysis. “In almost every case, more frequent reporting leads to significant improvement over time. These improvements can translate to a positive impact on worker productivity, accountability and on-the-road behavior, which can drive better customer service, cost reductions, vehicle uptime and operational efficiency.”

Verizon pointed to specific improvements over time, including:

-“Harsh driving” of vehicles (such as speeding and rapid braking) saw a 12% improvement in the first month and 39% improvement in the second month. Verizon noted that harsh driving can contribute to having vehicles and service personnel out of commission and contribute to accidents.

– Speeding, when considered by itself, saw a 71% improvement in the first month, and that figure more than doubled, to 153% improvement, in the second month.

-Idling 29% improvement in the first month, and 55% improvement in the second month.

Verizon also cited research from Aberdeen which found that companies using field service and fleet management software had a 33% greater workforce utilization rate, compared to companies that did not. In addition, Verizon Connect had conducted a survey of more than 800 businesses earlier this year and found that nearly 60% used a fleet tracking system; those that did reported that their top goals achieved included better customer service, improved productivity and improved routing, among others.

“Businesses that use fleet management software to gain actionable insights into driver behavior rapidly see improvement in the behavior they wish to change,” the company concluded.

Verizon rebranded its telematics business earlier this year as Verizon Connect, which includes its Telogis and Fleetmatics acquisitions; it says that it is the world’s largest provider of fleet management software.

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