As buildings become smarter, the need to propagate signals will be challenged by a myriad of factors including the age of the building, the materials used in construction, the needs of a potentially diverse tenant base, and physical location just to name a few. This will mean equipping a building with fiber-fed DAS, small cells, WiFi, LPWAN, and more in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

In some cases, many, if not all, of these technologies will have to co-exist. This editorial report will examine the technology options that building owners have at their disposal to transform their assets into 21st century workplaces.

The webinar will dive into the key decision criteria that building owners must consider when deciding which connectivity technologies are right for their buildings and their tenants.

Jason Marcheck, Principal Analyst, Layne Bridge and Associates
Sean Kinney, Editor-in-Chief, RCR Wireless News
Jeff Mucci, CEO & Industry Insights, RCR Wireless News

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