The vision for 5G includes support for multi-Gbps throughput for a range of devices, both fixed and mobile. Early 5G deployments show the promise of millimeter wave in delivering enhanced broadband, but what’s next?

In the U.S. the FCC is planning spectrum auctions for high-band frequencies in 2018 and 2019, which could serve to facilitate more rapid and widespread commercialization of services. And, despite the challenging propagation characteristics of millimeter wave, compatible handsets could hit the market as early as next year.

Here we take stock of how millimeter wave is driving development across the telecom ecosystem from silicon and module manufacturers to carriers and test and measurement firms.

Sean Kinney, Editor-in-Chief, RCR Wireless News
Alastair Upton, Senior VP Business Development, Anokiwave
Phillip Leithead, Member Technical Staff, R&D, InterDigital

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