Red Hat, SAP Vora brings big data to OpenShift Container Platform

Red Hat, a provider of open source solutions, announced the availability of SAP Vora solution, an in-memory, computing solution that provides business insights from big data, on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, a Kubernetes environment for managing container-based workloads in production. By combining big data analytics with Kubernetes, the companies said the solution can help enterprises orchestrate data of practically any volume, velocity or size.

SAP Vora provides interactive analytics on stored data from multiple sources, such as traditional storage, Hadoop and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Its specialized engines provide distributed analysis for various data categories, including relational data, graph data, semistructured JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents and time series data.

Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, on the other hand, is intended to help developers and IT operations teams create and deploy applications across multi-cloud environments. Equipped with developer and operations-centric tools, OpenShift Container Platform supports the development, deployment, scaling and life-cycle management of container-based applications. According to 451 Research’s Cloud Enabling Technologies Market Monitor report, the application container market is expected to reach $2.7 billion by 2020.

The integration of SAP Vora into Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform builds on the partnership between the two companies. Although software containers and big data architectures rose to fame within the enterprise computing industry separately, recent product initiatives suggest the technologies are becoming a two for one deal.

Running on Kubernetes clusters, SAP Vora runs analytics engines and services, gathering big data from from Spark, Hadoop or directly from cloud environments. Key features of the integrated offering include: on-demand, in-memory big data analytics; easier management of big data analytics at scale; easier integration of SAP Vora with SAP HANA; and better support for agile development around big data use cases.

“Our customers want the insights provided to them by big data analysis, but they also need a scalable, flexible infrastructure upon which to efficiently run these extreme workloads,” said Sean Dowd, vice president and chief architect, Avalon Consulting, LLC.

“The Kubernetes foundation provided by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform delivers the benefits of container orchestration coupled with enterprise-grade support and, paired with SAP Vora, helping these organizations to extract valuable information from large data in near real-time to better assess new opportunities and refine existing processes.”

As part of the announcement, Red Hat is also makings its recently launched Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions available as part of the Red Hat Developer Program.

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