Anritsu’s patented PIM over CPRI option is a new, non-intrusive method of measuring passive intermodulation (PIM) using live traffic over the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) link. It is set to change the dynamics of PIM detection by enabling users to test at ground level, any time of the day – with no site turn down required.

During this webinar, you will learn more about the advantages of this new method of testing for PIM in an LTE system and how it compares to traditional PIM testing methods. You will also discover how the new PIM over CPRI measurement can reduce operational expenses by helping you determine if PIM is internal or externals to the antenna system, reducing the use of tower climbing crews.

Who should attend:
This webinar is ideal for carriers, network operators, contractors/sub-contractors, installers, wireless technicians, and RF engineers responsible for developing, building, and maintaining 2G, 3G, 4G LTE wireless networks.

What you will learn:
• What is the new patented PIM over CPRI measurement
• How PIM over CPRI differs from traditional RF PIM measurements
• Advantages of PIM over CPRI when testing cell sites

Emilio Franchy, Senior Product Manager, Anritsu Company

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