Xfinity Mobile had 2 millions subscribers as of this past January

Comcast announced earlier this week that its mobile service Xfinity Mobile is introducing new data plans with 5G services included free, making it the only provider to do so. 5G services can be accessed through either an unlimited or gig-based, and data plans can be changed or modified throughout the month between 1GB, 3GB, 10GB or Unlimited, all now with 5G capabilities, giving users the additional flexibility many are in need during these uncertain times.

Currently, Xfinity Mobile subsribers can only choose between two 5G phones, the Samsung Galazy S20 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but the company stated that additional devices will be added in the future.

“From day one, Xfinity Mobile has been proud to be the only provider to empower customers to design a mobile plan that fits their needs, as well as have the flexibility to seamlessly switch between unlimited or per gig to save money. We’re excited to now extend that benefit with 5G data plans,” commented Rui Costa, senior vice president, Innovation & Customer Value Propositions, Comcast Cable.

The new 5G data plans include an unlimited data option for $45 per month per line and by-the-gig shared plans priced at $15 per month for 1GB, $30 per month for 3GB and $60 per month for 10GB.

Launched on Verizon’s network in 2017, Xfinity Mobile had 2 millions subscribers as of this past January. Because Verizon’s 5G services are available in 31 cities, including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis and Washington, DC, so too will Xfinity Mobile’s.

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