The 5G networks of tomorrow will need to strike the right balance of products and solutions in order to address the complexities of rolling out and servicing the applications that this new standard will foster.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to transforming the ways networks are built today, which is why solutions need to be flexible, provide bottom-line efficiencies, deliver value at the edge of the network all while addressing multiple vertical applications.

Gogo’s 5G ATG network presents a new chapter in inflight experience, thanks to the combination of unlicensed and licensed spectrum. This innovative network delivers more bandwidth per plane, enabling a true mobile-enhanced broadband experience.

Gogo’s 5G network utilizes Airspan’s carrier-grade Open RAN technology to provide state-of-the-art 5G standalone virtualised RAN leveraging Massive MIMO antenna arrays. Utilising advanced beamforming and tracking techniques will provide a solution that is capable of communicating to aircraft travelling in excess of 1200km/h, at long range, all while providing an enhanced mobile broadband 5G experience.

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